What is Anand? Anand is our sahaj is-thi-ti (सहज स्थिति) state of being. Anand is our nature. Joy is the closest word i could find that substitutes anand, anand is certainly not pleasure of senses. There is big difference between pleasure and Anand. There are mainly 4 factors that drives our thought process 1. Food, 2. Sex, 3.Sleep, 4.Self Preservation. Individually or combined they constitute our desires, desires creates mental agitations or rather desires are mental agitation. If desire is fulfilled the mental agitation subsides temporarily, what remains is our state of being or sahaj is-thi-ti (सहज स्थिति) which is often confused with pleasure. People think that act of fulfilling desire will produce joy/Anand but all they do is, creating more mental agitation. Joy is not in the activity of fulfilling desire, joy is our state of being, where as pleasure is when we falsely relate joy with desires the outcome is pleasure. There is nothing except state of being, pleasure is when we relate anand with desires.