Ask, Who is self realized? If Realization is necessary at all, then it must be for ego “I” to realize/recognize its fleeting nature. Other than that realization means nothing to self. Hu/हूँ/self is complete, perfect it doesn’t require anything else. Ego is happy when in pursuit of something big, keeping self realization as goal is an indicator that you still don’t understand the maya of ego. Word Self realization can be misleading, viewing it as a goal and trying to achive it through sadhna is the work of ego. You always feel that you lack something and have to work hard to achive it, this is the play of maya. There is nothing to achive for self is complete & perfect. You may ask then why we struggle if self is complete & perfect, to that you must ask who struggle’s? Who feels lost, incomplete and imperfect? Ask youself, that’s all you need to do.