People think that after doing long long sadhna (spritual practice) they will be self realized. They will become something new, alien or able do miracles. To all this i would simple say big NO, that’s not going to happen. You will not get horns on your head or wings no your back. When actor acts, he knows that its a play and he does his role according to the script given to him, he maybe a good character or bad one. But from actor’s point of view everything is just a play. In Ramayana “Ram” was realized man but when “Sita” ( his wife ) got abducted by “Rawana” he (Ram) suffered all human emotions that one would feel in such situation, “Ram” fought war with mighty Rawana and finally killed him and freed Sita from his clutches. Similarly Rawana was also realized, but he acted the way nature wanted him. Both Ram and Rawan acted their part in the leela/play and were always free from the consequences of play. Our false personalities are work of three gunas namily tamo guna, rajo guna and sato guna, these guna’s interact with each other and create false reality. Guna’s created ego, mind, though, emotions, motivation. Seer and seen are work of guna’s. Thus everything is play in hands of guna’s. The realized one knows this truth and does nothing, just flows with nature always free from consequences. There is nothing to do here, all is done by mother nature, believe it or not you dont carry any load, mother does everything. Its your ego thats make you doer of things, while things always happened on their own accord. Surrender your ego to mother that’s all.