In spirituality Renunciation is very often confused with leaving everything behind and taking refuge in forest or asharam. Living life in solitude and performing austerities is considered necessary for spritual growth, in this way one can finally achieve nirvana (freedom/mukti). By leaving your family, house and money can one be at peace? Does renouncing your wealth can ensure peace? If no then question must be asked, What is true renunciation?

Ture renunciation is in asking who wish to renounce? Answer comes “I wish to renounce everything” then ask, Who I am? Who is this “I”? Leaving this “I” is true renunciation and establishing in Am-ness is mukti/freedom. It is “I” that desires, learn to leave I and what remains is mukti the Am-ness, you true nature. Leave I by asking to whom this thought/desire has come, then say it is I who desires, finally WHO I AM, you will always end in AM just stay there. Practice it.

Thus, true renunciation is not in leaving physical assets and going into solitude, true renunciation is establishing oneself in Am-ness by leaving I thought. Remain where you are just practice self enquiry that’s all.